Occupy.here is a free, anonymous, and uncensored resource for you and your neighbors. You can post messages, share media files, and occupy the virtual space here as you wish.

You are not on the internet

You are connected to a wifi router that’s been hacked to connect you to other people nearby. You are “offline” in relation to the rest of the Internet, but “online” in a way that connects you to others within range of the wifi signal.

Named, anonymous accounts

On Occupy.here you post anonymously like with weblog comments. You have a named account, but there is no password or verification process. Content you post here may be copied to other Occupy.here wifi routers.

Help us build Occupy.here

Occupy.here is all-volunteer, open source, and Free Software. Dan Phiffer is the founder and lead developer, with contributions from Sean McIntyre and GitHub user Phaeilo. In 2012 the project was fortunate to receive a commissions grant from Rhizome.

Setting up your own router

Occupy.here is designed to be replicated. You can install the custom OpenWRT image on your own router. Visit occupyhere.org for the step-by-step installation guide.