Digital solution for freight forwarders

Your business is evolving, we help you to compete in the digital age

Enhance your customer relationship and your corporate efficiency through our digital solution

Our advanced client-facing platform and tailor made transitioning program enable traditional Freight forwarders and NVOCCs to be more efficient, generate online sales and achieve customer loyalty.

A powerful solution for your customers and team

A powerful solution for your customers and team

Our advanced interface enables freight forwarders and NVOCCs to provide their clients with instant quotes, online booking capability, live shipment tracking and more. You can now enhance your customers’ experience, scale your operations and increase your bottom line.”

A tailor-made and agile transitioning program

A tailor-made and agile transitioning program

Every company has its own process, systems and people. Our transitioning program is customized to your organization and typically takes from 8 to 12 weeks depending on the level of integration required.


Procurate is instrumental in our efforts to differentiate from competitors’

Raise our customers’ satisfaction and streamline our operations. Procurate’s team gathers experts in freight forwarding and complex software solutions. They have a complete understanding of our challenges from end to end. Therefore, their client-facing solution is the most comprehensive interface on the market.

Loic BenattarVice President Asia-Pacific,
Bansard International
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One platform to manage all your interactions with our clients

From Purchase Order to online payment, our client facing solution covers the entire shipping workflow

Procurate is collaborative. It enables your customers, teams and key stakeholders to make communication clear and organized, directly on the interface. Our analytics help you optimize your clients supply chain and increase retention in the long run.

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